What are Restraining Orders?

Restraining orders are protective orders ordered by court to protect someone from being harassed, threatened, physically or sexually abused or stalked. A restraining order can also include a protected person’s family or household members.

Types of Restraining Orders 

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Elder or Dependent adult abuse
  3. Civil harassment
  4. Workplace violence
  5. Gun Violence

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

This restraining order applies if someone abused you and you have/had a close relationship with him/her as in married, registered domestic partners, divorced, separated, dating or previously dating, have children together, currently or previously lived together other than as roommates, or a close relationship including parent, child, brother, sister, and grandparents. Your relationship to the other party by marriage (in-laws) or adoption also qualifies.

Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order

This restraining order applies if you are 65 years or older (or between 18 and 64 years old and you have certain mental or physical disabilities that keep you from being able to perform normal activities or protect yourself), and you are a victim of physical abuse or financial abuse, neglect or abandonment, treatment that has injured you physically or mentally, or caregiver deprivation of basic items or services that you need or you will suffer physically, mentally or emotionally. Learn more about Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Orders

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

This restraining order applies if you are being harassed, threatened, abused, or stalked by someone that you are not in a close relationship with or were not in such a relationship with previously. Learn more about Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Workplace Violence Restraining Order

This restraining order applies if an employer seeks protection for an employee who is suffering serious harassment, stalking, violence or a credible threat of violence at the workplace.

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

A Gun Violence Restraining Order can only be requested by a member of law enforcement, a family member, an employer (against an employee), or an elementary or high school teacher (against a student). Learn more about Gun Violence Restraining Orders

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