Our Reviews on Yelp

3/20/2024 – Jana T.

I HIGHLY recommend Tim! He and Lynda are very caring, and easy to talk to. His availability was above and beyond. Tim took care of our legal issues without having to go to court, which saved us a lot of money. I wouldn’t look any further. This is your guy!

7/18/2023 – Maryan A.

I find Mr. Riley’s from a legal referral site. I was very appreciated that I meet Timothy Riley and Lynda. Their very honest for their job and they helped me a lot. I was in a situation where I needed help and I didn’t know any one to talk to until I met Timothy and Lynda. They have a lot experience and very good for their job. Every time I text them or email they gets back to me right away. They both have nice attitude, loves their job and willing to help any way they can. I was dealing a neighbor issue and without them I couldn’t do it. Their very honest for their job. I will always appreciate for their help.

6/29/2023 – Michael B.

Riley did a great job representing me and my family in my case, I would highly recommend his legal representation.

6/7/2023 – Liwanag M.

Mr. Riley was referred to us by the San Diego Bar Association for help with a restraining order case. He responded within one day, introducing himself, gave us a quick overview of his experience, and answered all our questions regarding our concerns with a restraining order case. Mr. Riley handled our case quickly and was able to get the case dismissed. Mr. Riley called us back when we had questions about the status of the case in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend Mr. Riley if you need an attorney who is friendly,  knowledgeable and always takes the time to answer questions and concerns. Also thanks to Lynda Riley for all her work.

4/24/2023 – Frank D.

This is my review of Timothy Riley. I needed a lawyer to represent a family member in a court case. My inexperience with court proceedings combined with my anxiety & stress of dealing with the recent case heightened my emotions.
I reached out to a legal search website that paired me with Tim Riley.
I was an emotional wreck and in tears as I explained the court case of my family member.
Tim Riley was attentive, professional and thorough with explaining to me the how he could help me, as a lawyer, navigate the court system.
I retained Tim Riley as our attorney and was pleased by his compassion, professionalism, knowledge, expertise. Tim Riley fought hard for my family and obtained a favorable outcome. My entire experience with Tim’s service can be summarized by a sentiment that my family member said, “He was like Superman.” To me and my entire family, Tim Riley is our Superman.

6/28/2021 – Nestor M.

Timothy first of all it’s a great person and that translates to him understands the stress and the situation that his client is on.  Very reliable, available and prompt to respond any question or call back when needed. I owe my peace of mind to Timothy Riley.

6/28/2021 – Emanuel K.

Mr. Riley was an amazing attorney for our case. He really took care of us. We have never needed to use an attorney before and he took the time to answer any questions we had about our case to make us feel at ease. His prices were fair and he does everything he can to save you as much money as he can. We highly recommend Mr. Riley and his services. Thanks again Sir for all your help.